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Date: 2004-01-06 17:22:59 UTC
Subject: RE: Kira got sick, and someTHING came out of her??
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Okay, make a vet appointment now for all three.

Goku is an emergency if that is the only way to get a fast appointment: that eye needs vet care right away to be safest.

Kira also would pay to have a vet check very soon (also preferably today). Chances are that all is fine now, but a large bollus passing through the esophagus (something we have a bit of familiarity with) can at times cause enough irritation or scratching to also inflame the neighboring trachea as well as any esophageal damage. Also, there could be some stomach damage. See about getting Carafate. We personally prefer the liquid prep which is available at any pharmacy because it is easily taken, works great, affordable, and we've encountered a long shelf life.

For Lou Lou -- given the bruising -- it would be good to have a vet evaluation (and if more brusing anywhere arises get her in fast, too) but if yo umean the minor bruising which can result from her chewing at large blackheads which itch and there are no other poossible signs of adrenal neoplasia then do what the vet says to try for possible dermal problems and go from there.