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From: Sydney
Date: 2004-01-07 00:16:11 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Goku squinting, -AND - eye injury. anaesthesia questions
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Our ferret, Zoe, had a scratch on her cornea that went
all the way through. A veterinary opthalomologist
stitched it up with one tiny little stitch. Now Zoe
was only 6 months old at the time (She's 1 year now)
so obviously she has some age advantage over Podo.
She came through with flying colors. She had surgery
early in the morning and then we took her home late
morning. She had atropine and tobramycin drops in her
eyes for a couple of weeks to help her eye heal. One
of the things they've watched for in her subsequent
checkups has been excess scar tissue that might
irritate her. So far she hasn't had that problem so I
can't help with specifics there. She does have a tiny
bit of a cataract at the site of the injury that
doesn't seem to affect her vision much. According to
the opthalmologist, that's not unusual when there is a
severe eye trauma. The opthalmologist seems to be
very good with eyes but she admitted she had little
experience with ferrets so another ferret-experienced
veterinarian assisted her. Hope this helps a little
even though it was a different type of eye surgery.


--- wrote:
> Getting back to Podo: he was doing better for a
> while but he's
> squinting/winking at us again so the eye is
> definitely causing him some
> discomfort. Our vet is now consulting with an
> expert. There is apparently
> a fair amount of scar tissue and the idea of
> sedating Podo and
> scraping/removing that tissue has come up. Does
> anyone have experience with
> this?

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