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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-07 04:14:17 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Pre Med question
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I generally do use antibiotics for major surgery for omit for the routine
stuff (castration, spays, etc)..I use it any time there is a possibility of
infection and stomach or intestinal surgery are definite.

No greater chance of increased fluid in the lungs with IV vs Sub Q. You can
run a slow drip and adjust things along the way. Occassionally if there is
too fast of a run or the like I just give a bit of lasix and they are fine.
Ususally they are fine unless they have major cardiac disease brewing. I do
not have the problem of pulmonary edema very often. The IV is important to
have easy access to the vein for emergency meds too. Like I said before, I
have far less complications when I have an IV cath in place, it just makes
the most sense.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Sue

>From: "Ulrike" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Pre Med question
>Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 22:37:55 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
>Thank you for your reply. My vets use isoflurane for surgery. When our
>vet started and did my first ferret, she used injectable anaesthetic and I
>almost freaked. Baby took so long to come round and then hours to recover
>from it. Then I asked the vet to use gas and she was amazed how much
>it was. She read up on ferrets and started using Atropine. She is a very
>good surgeon!
>You said if the operation is sterile, no need for antibiotics. Not even
>when it's something big like surgery for a blockage or tumour?
>With IV fluids, is there danger of fluid building up in the lungs? Like if
>you give too much fluids?
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>Atropine helps keep the heart working well during anesthesia and never a
>idea, it is not always used when only inhalant anesthesia is used. The
>other is a pain medication also not a bad idea for any surgery...
>Hope this helps.
>Dr. Sue
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