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Date: 2004-01-08 00:20:30 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Digest 7 Jan 2004 03:28:32 -0000 Issue 549
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In a message dated 01/06/04 10:31:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
You said if the operation is sterile, no need for antibiotics. Not even
when it's something big like surgery for a blockage or tumour?

With IV fluids, is there danger of fluid building up in the lungs? Like if
you give too much fluids?

Surgery for a blockage has the chance of intestinal contents getting into the
abdomen, although it's a very small chance with a good surgeon. I don't
consider that to truly be a sterile surgery, so I use antibiotics in that case.
For tumor removals, it depends on what I'm removing. As a general rule of
thumb, skin mass removals almost never need antibiotics, abdominal tumors often do.

And yes, with an IV, there is some danger of overhydrating and flooding the
lungs if the flow rate is too high.

Dr. Ruth
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