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From: mike j hamm
Date: 2004-01-08 04:54:23 UTC
Subject: aplastic anemia
Message-ID: <>

I am relatively new to this group, been reading posts for awhile and now
I am posting a question. I was reading the FHL archives about aplastic
anemia and read nothing about the symptoms of this disease. Could someone
please fill me in? I know why it happens and how to prevent it. I am also
aware of the various infections that can take place during the breeding
session. However and on a different topic, one of my jills has me a tad
concerned. She is almost 4 years old and we just had her bred to a new
hob (this being his first time). She was fully in heat before we allowed
them to breed (they are not in the same house together). I left them
together for 5 days due to the fact that he didn't seem to know fully
what to do, however in the last two days he figured it out. When she came
back home, she keeps squatting to potty. Sometimes she will only release
a small amount of urine, other times her potty is normal. She has several
daily bowel movements and is eating, drinking, playing, and otherwise
acting just fine. My question is that could she have contracted some sort
of urinary infection or something similar that would make her think that
she has to potty all of the time? I am not concerned of a blockage
because there was nothing that she could have interacted with that would
cause that. She has been bred before and has had v hobs and this has
never been an issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,