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Date: 2004-01-08 11:22:22 UTC
Subject: help, please help
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He Everyone,
I have no clue whats going on with bud, but its definately not okay. I awoke at 5am to a loud scream coming from bud. he was thrashing about, gaging (really bad), his belly was wet from urine.
the gaging was pretty severe. this episode lasted all of about 5 minutes. he went back to bed after it was over. when I took him from his cage while this was going on, I put him down on the floor to watch and he tried to run away.

Two nights ago the same thing happened to him and I though that he had a hairball, so I treated him for a hairball. that episode lasted about 5 min. also.

bud is on prednisone and carafate. he appeared to be doing well since he started taking the carafate.

please help us
bud, missy, and mom