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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2004-01-08 17:22:37 UTC
Subject: a moderator's reminder
Message-Id: <>

This is influenza season so at times lists are working with fewer
people to do the jobs. That includes the FHL.

It is always advised that people follow the rules to avoid having posts
rejected or to avoid the moderators having to do more work (like
trimming excessive quoting) because of the need to edit them, or having
to ask for further clarifications (such as asking that all meds be
given in mg (or that concentrations be given along with the volume
dose) instead of in ml or cc because volume levels often tell nothing
about how much actual medication is given.

Because the rules are designed to best serve the members, PLEASE, read
or re-read them now and be careful to follow them. That especially
helps during times when fewer people are doing more work, which leads
to less time for editing and thus more chance of rejections occurring.

Please, note, that we don't worry when vets include quotes longer than
what they say themselves because that sometimes help teach best, but
vets are a special case that way.

The rules can always be found at: . There
are only a few of them but they are there to help you and following
them will reduce your chance of a rejection when we are pressed for
time. Please, take just a minute or two and read them now.