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Date: 2004-01-09 07:40:36 UTC
Subject: RE: Dealing with ascites
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What medications is she currently on? Is she also losing albumin in her urine? The mor we know the more we can help.
Dr. Sue

Author wrote:
> I scanned through some of the archives on this but not every message. Hannah, who would be 8 in March, began filling up the week before Christmas. She had 150 ccs drained on Christmas Eve.
> The fluid was spun down -- no neoplastic cells, but plenty of red blood cells, and most importantly, albumen. She does have cardio but in this case she has been stable for over a year, and my vet said that she believes she may have an abdominal lymphoma that may have thrown an embolism or infarct to the kidney. One of her lymph nodes in the abdomen is enlarged. Her kidneys are obviously failing.
> She is dying, and we know that. What I want to get some feedback on is trying to make her comfortable until she goes. She's now bigger than she was at Christmas and has secondary edema in her back legs. This makes it hard for her to walk.
> We know the end is near but would appreciate any advice on keeping her comfortable. Due to her low protein and other medical issues we would prefer not to tap her again.
> Thanks,
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