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Date: 2004-01-09 13:52:24 UTC
Subject: RE: Dealing with ascites
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She's losing albumin everywhere -- urine, and mostly into her belly. I saw the
urinalysis -- she's almost up to the highest level of protein on the jar for the
test strip (very dark green). She's on amoxi twice a day and enacard once every
other day. I've already discussed meds options with my vet, and unfortunately
the tradeoffs are too high on any of them.

With the amount of protein and red blood cells in her fluid, any attempt to tap
her will a) cause her to lose even more protein very quickly and b) cause her to
fill up even faster.

All we want to do is keep her comfy until the end, which could be today or 2
weeks from now -- any suggestions?

Author wrote:
> What medications is she currently on? Is she also losing albumin in her
urine? The mor we know the more we can help.
> Dr. Sue