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Date: 2004-01-09 23:45:22 UTC
Subject: RE: poor prognosis, bud
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Hi Lori

I know how difficult it is. Raja had the same prognosis 3 weeks ago. When she arrived at the vet with seizures, dehidrated with only 430 grams, the vet also told me would be better to put her to sleep.

My husband and I said we would not give up of her and brought her home. We have to wake up every 2 hours to feed her , give her water, help her to poop and urinate, clean and medicate her. Was 20 tiring days for us, but was worth it. She got in 20 days 290 grams.
We fed her up A/D hills and when she did not want to eat food off my finger, we warm it up for 8 seconds in the microwave add some furovite and she started eating !
Since 16.12 we having been feeding her like that. She still have seizures , needs valium, rimady and antibiotic !

I will say a prayer to your little one. wish you agood luck and while there is life there is hope ! Do not give up !

greetings from Brazil, Paty, Pikku and Raja

> Hi All,
> I brought bud into see the vet about the episode the he had. the doctor reminded me that she gave bud a poor prognosis the last time that he was in. she increased his prenisone and refused to give bud prednisolone. she said that she has done everything possible with bud and that I just need to prepare myself for his passing.
> bud is no longer eating as of yesterday, will eat chicken baby food off my finger. will feeding him like this possibly help him to regain some strengh in him and possiably get him back on his kibble? when else can I give him to eat off my finger. I don't even think that he is drinking fluids at this point.
> most of the time he sleeps but he does have short periods of time when he will play. he has wasted to skin and bones and its really awful to look at him like this.
> is there any hope left for bud? how will I know when its time to let go.
> bud, missy, and mom