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Date: 2004-01-10 04:46:37 UTC
Subject: Re: dealing with ascites
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Hi Amy,
There are 2 possible causes for the ascites you
are seeing (heart, abdominal lymphoma), but the
heart problem is the most likely cause. So your
question becomes how do I treat my ferret's failing
heart? First step is to ultrasound the heart to determine
the exact heart problem. Then medications can be used
based on the ultrasound diagnosis. However lasix is
necessary to treat the ascites regardless of what her
kidney values are. Likewise increasing the Enacard to
daily (either once a day or splitting it and giving it 2 times
a day) is likely needed regardless of the kidney values. We used
to think that Enacard will make kidney failure worse, but it
usually makes it better (by increasing blood flow to the kidney).
I would suggest using lasix over the weekend and having a
cardiologist ultrasound the heart on Monday. Digoxin may
also be needed to treat the heart problem, and CoQ 10 may
also be helpful.
Hope that helps,
Jerry Murray, DVM