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Date: 2004-01-10 16:25:19 UTC
Subject: Raja: SERIOUS spinal bone degeneration and new convulsion!!
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Hi everybody

We went to the vet on 06.01, Raja made X Ray of the whole spine. Was found a problem in most of the vertebrae (as soon as I get the X Ray, I inform where exactly). Th blood work just showed anemia.

A strong bone degeneration and a possible inflamation along the spinal cord. And no hope that she can walk again.

The vet prescribed again 1mg of Rimadyl (2x/day), 1 drop of Keflex(3x day) and 1mg of Petprazol (1x/day).

Raja has again convulsion every 3 hours and we are back with 0,05 of valium every 16 hours.

She has much more sensibility of her legs, even ticklish on the toes and now started moving the tail.

She eats around 1 can of A/D mixed with Marshall food and drinks 80 ml of water per day! Is now 730 grams !

We haven't seen some improvement of all this medicaments and although I insisted to the vet to give pred, he prefers to medicate her with rimadyl.

1. What is the best way to treat this spinal problem ?
2. Is there a chance that she walks again ?
3. Is it because of that sinal bone degeneration that she has convulsion ?

Thanks for any help !

Greetings, Paty, Pikku and Raja