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Date: 2004-01-10 17:57:09 UTC
Subject: Strange blood values, and soft tumor/swelling near the kidney - possibel cancer ?
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We have a sick ferret, and we are afraid it could be cancer. He stopped by =
eating and lost a lot of weight and was getting weak (sl=F8v). We took him =
to a vetenary and got som blood work doen on him. The doctor feelt a soft s=
welling/tumor near the kidney area. He is beginning to eat again. He is sto=
pped losing weight but he dont take on some weight. He has gotten a diagnos=
e that sound possibel: infektion near the kidney. He get 20 mg =93Ronaxan=94=
twice a day. Isn't this quite a lot?
He has no feber, heart dissounds, lungs missound, no glocose or ketone in t=
he urine. =

He is very thin (1.1 kg. He was 1.5 same time last year).He doesn't lose ha=
ir, he just don't get on a winter coat.(our 3 other ferret have winter-coat=
). =

Here is his values. We dont understand them. But kan see they are wrong. Ou=
r vet uses a german system but the acceptable ranges is different that the =
system on:

What numbers are the right. Do our vetanary uses a wrong system?
and + indikate the values that are interessanting. Because is is to high or=
law.The values in the ( ) is the acceptical range.
Can this be cancer and how can we get some weight om him fast? =

Damiens values:
+ CREA=3D 81 umol/l (35-80)
+ ALT=3D 425 u/l ( 82-289)
+ UREA=3D18.73 mmol/l (3.57-16.07)
ALKP=3D 43 u/l (9-84)
TP=3D 65 G/L (52-73)
ALB=3D 30g/l (26-38)
GLU(glucose)=3D 8,17 mmol/l (5,22-11-5) =

Ca =3D 2.01 mmol/l (2.00-2.95)
+ GLOB=3D 35 g/l(18-31)

Flere v=E6rdier:
LEU: 10,62 m/mm^3 (5-11.6)
Lym: 30.2% (24-64)
Mon:2.4 %(1,5-8)
+ Gra: 67.4%(29-65)

- ERY:4.11 M/mm^3 (5,0-11.6)
+ MCV:60.3fl(49-60 )
- Hct:24,7%(45-55)
+ MCH:21,4(15-21)
MCHC: 35,6 g/dl (27- 39)
EVB: 9,5 (8-12)
- Hb: 8,8 g/dl(14,2-18,8)

THR: 688 m/mm^3 (370-870)
MPV: 7,1
TKV: 0,49 %
+ TVB: 10.4 (6-10)