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Date: 2004-01-10 20:02:17 UTC
Subject: RE: Raja: SERIOUS spinal bone degeneration and new convulsion!!
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Thank you very much for your reply.
It is possible that she got that during the time she had benign skin tumor.
The tumor was was open and bleeding for about 1 month till the vet could make a surgery, but she did not have any dermatologic infection.

Do you think I can get a virtual consultation with the AMC since I live in Brazil ?

The only medicament that really improves her health was Baytril.As soon as we stop medicantin her, she stops eating and loses weight.

We know that the degeneration of her spine has no solution and will only get worse, but we would like at least to improve her life quality and stop the convulsions until the day that she joins the other ferrets at the rainbow bridge :-(

If anybody or vet could give us any help, we would be extremly thankful ! God Bless you all !!

Greetings from all of us !
Patricia, Markus, Pikku and Raja

P.S We will include some photos of her and inform the link. Images says more than words !

Author wrote:
> I had to look up something for someone on a different list, but it may be that the info I found connected with that search may be applicable. The combination of neurological problems and bone ones made me wonder (though, obviously, there are a number of things which attack both bone and nerves). I wanted to just mention this because the disease is a fungal one so different meds would be needed.