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Date: 2004-01-10 23:30:14 UTC
Subject: RE: hair loss
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If there are no parasites and no sign of something like fungal infection I'd wonder about repetative behaviors. We had one find a new game as a kit which constantly runned one area and he wore off the fur there.

Since kits have a number of vet visits for their series of canine distemper vaccines and their rabies vaccine it maybe that you can find the solution at a vet visit which may be coming up, anyway.

If parasites show up do NOT use an over the counter medication, area spray, shampoo, or collar. The wrong flea preps can kill ferrets. There is a lot of info on this in past FHL posts at our complete archives at , and in the Files section at

For trimming claws try putting a towel on your lap then put some Ferretone on the ferret's belly and while the ferret is licking off the treat trim the claws.