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From: Caitlyn Martin
Date: 2004-01-10 22:39:34 UTC
Subject: PLEASE READ: Ker Avon: worsening paralysis
Message-Id: <20040110173934.060b759a@nyssa>

Hi, everyone,

Last Wednesday night Ker Avon, a very small 5.5 year old male ferret, had what our vet has preliminarily diagnosed as a thrombosis probably caused by cardiomyopathy. The diagnosis cannot be confirmed until an ultrasound is done. Since then Avon had had very little use of his hind legs.

In the last 24 hours his condition has worsened. On Friday he would drag himself to the litter pan if necessary. Today he is completely incontinent and can't even stand to poop. He can still move his rear legs slightly, but mostly he just drags them. He has almost no energy.

Worse yet: I'm not at all sure he's urinated in the last 24 hours. I'm certain he hasn't in the past five hours or so. I don't know how to check if his bladder is full. If I don't see him pee tonight I am rushing him to the emergency clinic. Can I even wait that long????

Next question: assuming we see him urinate is there anything the emergency vet is likely to be able to do to stop him going downhill further. Of the three emergency vets only one really knows ferrets.

Advice is most definitely needed now.