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Date: 2004-01-11 03:29:44 UTC
Subject: re: hair loss
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I've checked both of our girls for fleas and they're both good ( I had a horrible experience with fleas, so they're one of the things I always look out for). How sensitive are ferrets to weather change (mainly temperature changes)? Because I've noticed that a lot of the times that I think something is wrong with one of the girls it coincides with a signficant weather change (its been warmer than usual this winter, but there have been a few instances were the temperature has dropped as much as 40 degrees F in a 24 hour period - I am in Ohio). But thanks everyone for the tips on nail cutting and treats on the tummy... I think we've tried practically everything and they always act like we are trying to kill them, even when they can like treats off our hands the whole time. But the tummy trick seems like it would be more distracting. Thanks. If anyone else has any advice/info about hair loss, let me know.