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Date: 2004-01-11 03:55:34 UTC
Subject: RE: Raja: SERIOUS spinal bone degeneration and new convulsion!!
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You don't belive how thankful I am to get a message from you.
I've asked already the vet to send me by mail copies of the X- Ray and as soon
as I have it, I will put the images on the internet. I remember something about
problems at the C3, C4,C5 and T13 (the worst degeneration)

At the moment I can provide photos com Raja.

Is it possible to treat cordoma ? Is the medicaments we are giving helping in
something ?

Kindest regards from Brazil,

Paty, Pikku and Raja

> Dear Pat:
> I would want to know more about this spinal degeneration - is it truly
affecting most of the vetebrae, or just a couple.
> When you see lysis of the vertebral bone, chordoma is the most common
cause, by far - more than any bacterial or fungal infection....
> Bruce Williams, DVM