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From: Mary R Shefferman
Date: 2004-01-11 17:04:43 UTC
Subject: Higher protein for one kidney -- right? Other Q's
To: Ferret Health List <>
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Hi Everyone,

Our Trixie (7 y.o.) had adrenal surgery a couple of weeks ago -- at that time
she also had a kidney removed (hydronephresis). She has lost some weight
since the surgery despite eating regularly. She does not like new foods. I have
tried to feed her a/d and chicken baby food (still trying!), but she gags and acts
like I'm poisoning her. I've tried Lactaid milk (Trixie says, "YUCK!") and protein
drinks (Trixie says, "BIG YUCK!") -- protein drinks like EAS Myoplex (lactose
free). She takes Ferretvite, but I hate to put that much sugar into her. She'll take
treats (like Ferretbites) but those are also not nutritionally sound for her.

The questions (or statements for verification) are:

- She needs *higher* protein because of the one kidney thing (and age), right?

- Any other suggestions for high protein that she might like (believe it or not,
we have tried since she was a youngster to get her to eat all sorts of things, but
she is very melodramatic about her dislikes -- she backs away gagging if she
*smells* something she doesn't like).

- Is there any kind of SAFE thing to give her to stimulate her appetite? (I
considered for a moment that prednisone increases appetite, but I don't want
her on meds she doesn't need.)

Thanks for any help!

--Mary & the Fuzz

Mary R. Shefferman, Editor etc., _Modern Ferret_ Magazine
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