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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-12 01:12:10 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Higher protein for one kidney -- right? Other Q's
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I don't know that ou need high protein. If the remaining kidney is
functioning okay then a good quality protein is the best choice. If the
kidney is not up to par I would generally decrease the protein, make sure
what protein is being fed is only high quality, and increase the fat if you
want to put weight on her.

Either way I used to mix things and puree them, cook, monitor for signs of
renal failure. I have not tried it in ferrets but have considered it and
that is cyprohepatadine it is an antihistamine that stimulate appetite and
generally with in 48 hours. Ask your vet if you want to consider it. I
would use no more then 1mg in a ferret once per day.

Also was it a unilateral or bilateral adrenal removal, because short term
pred post op is not a bad thing it helps the body even out sometimes and you
can wean off rather quickly and at the same time it might help her appetite.
It is always improtant to remember that many of these kids with adrenal
often have insulinoma brewing and the pred may help.

Any way we all have different ways of practicising. Hope this helps.

Dr. Sue

>From: Mary R Shefferman <>
>To: Ferret Health List <>
>Subject: [ferrethealth] Higher protein for one kidney -- right? Other Q's
>Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:04:43 -0500
>Hi Everyone,
>Our Trixie (7 y.o.) had adrenal surgery a couple of weeks ago -- at that
>she also had a kidney removed (hydronephresis). She has lost some weight
>since the surgery despite eating regularly. She does not like new foods. I
>tried to feed her a/d and chicken baby food (still trying!), but she gags
>and acts
>like I'm poisoning her. I've tried Lactaid milk (Trixie says, "YUCK!") and
>drinks (Trixie says, "BIG YUCK!") -- protein drinks like EAS Myoplex
>free). She takes Ferretvite, but I hate to put that much sugar into her.
>She'll take
>treats (like Ferretbites) but those are also not nutritionally sound for
>The questions (or statements for verification) are:
>- She needs *higher* protein because of the one kidney thing (and age),
>- Any other suggestions for high protein that she might like (believe it or
>we have tried since she was a youngster to get her to eat all sorts of
>things, but
>she is very melodramatic about her dislikes -- she backs away gagging if
>*smells* something she doesn't like).
>- Is there any kind of SAFE thing to give her to stimulate her appetite? (I
>considered for a moment that prednisone increases appetite, but I don't
>her on meds she doesn't need.)
>Thanks for any help!
>--Mary & the Fuzz
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