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Date: 2004-01-12 17:46:26 UTC
Subject: RE: Ker Avon update: creeping paralysis
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Chordoma, lymphoma, some other malignancy, injury, disease... The list of possibles is long. Course of treatment will depend on the cause. I hope it's the easiest one of the batch to treat.

When Meeteetse had lymphoma in her spinal cord high doses of Prednisolone and some pain meds were essential for quality of life and the first may have give a bit more quantity as well. The combo kept her happy for months.

I'd really ask about starting pain meds if they haven't already been started, and there are write ups on pantyhose slings and wheelchairs/mobility carts in the Complete Archives at .
First have vet okay to use them and that could well mean first first knowing what is the cause, or the degree of damage, or both.

Some of the lightweight homemade carts sound like they are successful as the pruchased ones. If you decide on a purchased one a front extender IS need for a ferret who hasa lot of loss of back control instead of just legs and lowest back. We learned that with Meeteetse. They also take a while to make from our experience.