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From: "katharine"
Date: 2004-01-13 11:11:54 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Higher protein for one kidney -- right?
To: "Ferret Health List" <>
Message-ID: <001001c3d9c6$0e2a96d0$71102cc7@D1CW2811>

Dr. Sue wrote:
> I have not tried it in ferrets but have considered it and that is cyprohe=
patadine it is an antihistamine that stimulate appetite and generally with =
in 48 hours. Ask your vet if you want to consider it. I would use no more =
then 1mg in a ferret once per day. >

When Champ was in renal failure, he quit eating a time or two. Both times,=
we gave him a single Vitamin B-12 injection. He started eating again almo=
st immediately. It lasted for weeks.

BTW, I have two with only one kidney and they both eat regular ferret foods=
and do quite well. Bessie's kidney was removed because her adrenal tumor =
had metastasized and totally engulfed the kidney. Sinclair's right kidney =
and ureter were fully involved in a tumor and had to be removed. Both came=
to me in that condition.