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From: "Lynn Mac Farlane"
Date: 2004-01-13 18:35:37 UTC
Subject: French's Yellow Mustard & seedy poop--What do I ask a vet to ck for?
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Charlie is about 4 yrs old. He has Insulinoma. Before he came to me he had
surgery for an obstruction. It seems his poop has always been loose, at
least since he has been here. They are mostly bright yellow & seedy. It
is the shooting kind of poop. I clean his litter box out almost every time
I go past his cage & he still will go all over in the cage. Sometimes it is
like he can't get to the box, others it is like he will go as far from his
box as possible. I have finally had to put him by himself so it is easier
to clean up.

He eats good, loves his chicken gravy & dry food. Ferret Stores own brands
plus Path Valley, etc--a real good mix. After his surgery he was turned
over to a shelter & then he came to me. Right at the lower tip of his beast
bone is something that feels on the sharp side, kind of pointy like it could
be hard stitches, but since he has been here at least a year I would think
if it was stitches they would have dissolved by now. It pushes his skin
out. We have never known what that is.

Anytime I take a ferret to one of the vets here & say that it has bad poop &
describe it, the one will say that all of my ferrets have had ECE & this is
a flare up. In the first place as far as I know mine have not had ECE. If
it was a "flare up" wouldn't it run through everyone? The other vets just
tell me they can find nothing wrong & send them home.

Today his poop is just like yellow water, I know he has to go to a vet but
what do I tell them to check for? Also he will be most likely given Flagyl
& up to now the only place I have ever managed to get that stuff is all over
every place except in the ferret & on the slim occasion that I get some in,
it stresses them out so much I don't think it is worth it in the long run.

I can get him to a vet tomorrow in place of a dog that was suppose to go but
really need to have something concrete to ask the vet to check for,
otherwise he will tell me it is ECE & send him home & he won't even be given
any medicine. I am at my wits end with him & trying to do my best to help
him. The laundry alone from him is overloading me. Any advice from vets
will be very appreciated.

Thank You,
Lynn & Clan War Weasels