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Date: 2004-01-13 22:30:15 UTC
Subject: RE: French''s Yellow Mustard & seedy poop--What do I ask a vet to ck for?
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Yellow just means it is going through too fast and the seediness means that fats aren't being absorbed well.

ECE is a one-time thing but it can set the stage for later problems like IBD and I think that you should read some of the past posts at
on that and why testing to know if it is not something else is important. Your vet may well benefit from reading
the Inflammatory Bowel Disease PDF at
and you WILL befenit from reading those and
but in case it is IBD there may be an allergy component so you might want to instead use a non-poultry meat baby food.

We currently have one who has IBD (biopsies have confirmed that it is not something worse) and in his case we are finding Depo Medrol shots every 3 weeks to be useful. His improvements have been gradual but his stools are nearly always now thick pudding consistency to actually formed and normal. (He loves to show us when he has a good one.) He is okay with turkey usually (another of our's with IBD had to be on only non-poulty except for Feline ZD which was broken down enough for him), but he gets nailed if he eats chicken or if he has too much Ferretone or has any fruit.