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From: "Lisa Oestereich"
Date: 2004-01-13 20:07:21 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Higher protein for one kidney -- right? Other Q's
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There's nothing more frustrating that a sick or rehabilitating ferret that =
won't eat!!!!

I've had the same problem with my picky eaters during post-op. The only th=
ing I've had success with was putting their regular food in a food processo=
r, grinding it into a powder, mix it with a can of Sustical (non-dairy with=
the extra vitamins) or the other name brand of meal replacer (it escapes m=
e at this moment) until it's "pudding like", mix in some NutriCal or Ferret=
one, pour into ice cube trays (for individual "meals"). I take one cube ou=
t, put it in the microwave until nice and warm (test with fingers first!!!!=
). I also think that many of them do much better if you spoon feed them. =
I've had ferrets that wouldn't touch the stuff if you put it in their cage,=
but wolf the whole thing down if you put them on your lap and spoon feed t=
hem. Go figure. But by using their normal food, I think it appeals to the=
m. You may also want to put some Timmy's Tonic in it as well.

All the best,


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Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2004 12:05 PM
To: Ferret Health List

Hi Everyone,

Our Trixie (7 y.o.) had adrenal surgery a couple of weeks ago -- at that ti=
she also had a kidney removed (hydronephresis). She has lost some weight
since the surgery despite eating regularly. She does not like new foods. I =
tried to feed her a/d and chicken baby food (still trying!), but she gags a=
nd acts
like I'm poisoning her. I've tried Lactaid milk (Trixie says, "YUCK!") and =
drinks (Trixie says, "BIG YUCK!") -- protein drinks like EAS Myoplex (lacto=
free). She takes Ferretvite, but I hate to put that much sugar into her. Sh=
e'll take
treats (like Ferretbites) but those are also not nutritionally sound for he=

The questions (or statements for verification) are:

- She needs *higher* protein because of the one kidney thing (and age), rig=

- Any other suggestions for high protein that she might like (believe it or=
we have tried since she was a youngster to get her to eat all sorts of thin=
gs, but
she is very melodramatic about her dislikes -- she backs away gagging if sh=
*smells* something she doesn't like).

- Is there any kind of SAFE thing to give her to stimulate her appetite? (I=

considered for a moment that prednisone increases appetite, but I don't wan=
her on meds she doesn't need.)

Thanks for any help!

--Mary & the Fuzz

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