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Date: 2004-01-14 03:34:51 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Higher protein for one kidney -- right? Other Q''s
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Like Dr. Sue said, if there is a need for more protein (and there isn't always) go with the high quality stuff.

Lisa wrote:
>using their normal food, I think it appeals to them. You may also want to put >some Timmy's Tonic in it as well.

I think that this compound still includes licorice bark, doesn't it? Natural licorice is dangerous if there is cardiovascular damage present (and remember that such inclinations may be hard to spot at first). Real licorice is among the herbal preps which carry loads of cautions in the herbal books I have. Some say that the authors simply consider it too dangerous for use.

We find that mixing babyfood or a/d with heated water till it ais round ferret body temp helps and then we feed slowly while cuddling and sometimes singing, often beginning with it from fingers. We've even used jealousy -- letting the ferret think that another ferret or human will steal it.

Have you tried having your vet show you techniques for safely feeding from a sqeeze bottle?

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