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From: "scruffyou"
Date: 2004-01-14 16:13:14 UTC
Subject: Blaze fine to unresponsive in under an hour
To: <>
Message-ID: <>

Hey Hey Hey,

One thing that Caity did not mention was that Blaze threw up some phlegm right before his down ward spiral. He threw up again at the emergency vets and they gave him an anti nausea/acid reduction shot, along with dex and sub q's. Blaze is stable now (at XXXX Hospital) and acting like nothing is wrong, playing etc, altho he is still not eating. They will be doing blood tests later to check the blood glucose and electrolytes.

Is the throwing up signifigant or suggestive of anything?

Caity and Keith are doing a fantastic job of post oping Blaze. If he had been home last nite, he would have been 3.5 hours away from help. I cant thank them enough for what they are doing for us.

A worried mom,

Karen and the Scruff You Gang