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Date: 2004-01-15 03:56:45 UTC
Subject: RE: Raja: Spinal X Ray available on line!
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Dear Paty:

I will first admit that looking at reduced radiographs online is no substit=
ute for looking at them up close and personal, but I fail to see all of the=
problems that are in the report, and I am somewhat concerned that the chan=
ges may be overinterpreted. I do believe that I see some spondylosis at L3=
-L4, but that certainly doesn't explain Raja's paresis. I don't see anythi=
ng of note in the interdisc spaces, and nothing in the cervical area. If t=
here were cervical problems, the front limbs would be affected as well. Po=
ssible lesions of spinous processes usually are of little clinical signific=
ance, as the spinous processes are the pointy parts pointing up toward the =
skin, and do not impinge on the spinal cord at all.

I have learned over the years not to over-interpret spinal radiographs in f=
errets. If anything, I might want to examine the lumbar spinal cord a litt=
le bit more, but I am not seeing a spinal degenerative process of note in t=
hese particular studies. In the States, at a large referral hospital, the =
next step would be a myelogram to trace the outline of the spinal cord itse=
lf. Interruptions in an outline points to a problem.

With kindest regards,

bruce williams, dVM
Author wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I create an album with pictures of Raja's X-Ray which shows the spinal bo=
nes degeneration.
> Please take a look at the link:
> I will try to translate the report into English, but it's very complicate=
with so much medical terms. Therefore I am sorry for my mistakes: =

> Interdisc problems at C 4-5, C 5-6, C 7-8, with some spinous process ,
> =95 Possible radiotransparence close to the spinous process C7 =

> =95 Problems at L 2-3
> =95 Radiotransparences areas close to the spinous process L1
> =95 Irregular borders at L 1-2, L2-3, e L 3-4
> =95 No right rip at T 14.
> If someone has some problems to visualize, please let me know.
> Greetings, Paty, Pikku and Raja
> =

> =