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Date: 2004-01-15 20:30:59 UTC
Subject: Vomiting 11 week old ferret
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Background info
Precious my now 11 week old ferret was purchased December 22. She was taken to the veterinarian and given a clean bill of health along with her distemper shot. She then began introductions with my established 3 ferrets. Three days later she vomited once during an especially rough bout of play. This happened again on the two successive days, exact same scenario.

She was taken to the vet given a regular x ray, fecal, and bloodwork. The xray and fecal were both normal. The irregular findings from the CBC panel were:
Hemoglobin 11.3 g/dL(low)
Hematocrit 32.3 %(low)
WBC 8900 (high)
alkaline Phosphatase 255 U/L(high)
Phosphorus 8.7 mg/dL (high)
Potassium 116 g/dL (high)
Chloride 2.4 g/dL (low)

She was then placed on amoxycillin. Each mL contains 50mg of amoxicillin (concentration) with .4cc given every 12 hours.

She did not stop vomiting. The vomiting continued 1 time per day for 5 days and then 2 times on the 6th day. These times she was out of the cage, but not engaged in active play.

Precious was again taken to the vet for a barium xray. The resulting xray showed no evidence of a blockage. She is now on carafate 1/8 tablet in .5cc of water every 8 hours and pepto bismol .5cc every 8 hours.

Throughout the entire time she has had firm stools, urinates with no problem, eats, drinks, and plays very actively. In all she is showing no symptoms of any problem except for the 5 seconds out of every day when she vomits.

At this point there is no definite diagnosis of what the problem may be, and I would appreciate any further advice and information.