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Date: 2004-01-16 00:07:11 UTC
Subject: Hemangioma
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Case History:

I noticed this sore/growth at the end of October. (Ferret in question was 6 months of age) At this time, it looked like a splinter type sore, with dry blood.

I watched this sore/growth over the months. Keeping a close eye on it. As it was not affecting him nor was he aggravated by it. The paw/toe area was not swollen or red, no heat coming from the area.

There was no change in appearance until end of December. At this time the growth looked like a blood blister. (again, no swelling or redness in the surrounding area or heat) Size of growth was the size of a pea. At this point, I was concern and made a appt. with my vet to check this out.

Growth location: right forefoot - fourth digit

(Ferret in question was 9 months of age) That day we decided to have the growth removed. Biopsy was send out to the lab.

Biopsy report came back showing it was a Hermangioma. With achievement of the latter, the implied prognosis is highly favorable.

Now for my questions:

1. How common is this seen in young ferrets? (this is not a pet store ferret)

2. Is this a genetic disorder?

3. Can this be pass down from one line to other?

Thank you - Wendy