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Date: 2004-01-17 01:10:21 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Regarding yellow, seedy poop--diagnosis
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Have to suit the med to the need.

Now, some folks use Flagyl to avoid more expensive meds like Biaxin. Given the choice we go for Biaxin in those instances when either will work because it is less stressful.

Different meds can tackle different illnesses and sometimes due to antibiotic resistance of some bacteria or due to the specifics of either the bacterial type or the antibiotic's "personality" there are very few choices available, sometimes even only one.

Some antibiotics are better for certian organs like hte bladder or respiratory infections.

Some are better choices when certain other medical considerations are present.

Some have side effects like lowering blood glucose which tend to be avoided in ferrets (and is why a person can get dizzy at times from Macrobid even though it is wonderful antibiotic for certain types of infections in people that can be hard otherwise to tackle).

Some tackle bacterial types which simply shrug at other antibiotics.

It is a matter of suiting the tool to the job at hand. When there is an alternative option, I agree that we go with the alternative, but sometimes there just is no choice and we use Flagyl then. It just plain makes sense to give a med which is needed but hated if it will do the job, and the short term discomfort is more than worth the long term health which follows.