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From: Glen
Date: 2004-01-17 15:41:06 UTC
Subject: Help with Meds Please!
Message-ID: <>

I'm looking for more info on the following meds.
I have a female ferret that has had both Adrenals removed and a exploratory surgery to check if any thing was mist. She still was very swollen and lost hair. We gave a shot of Lupron and it did wonders swelling went from a grape size to a pee size and she grow all her hair back. After the month was up she went back for a second shot she did very well with this shot but after about 3 weeks she is back swollen to the size of a grape again. The vet suggested the above meds but I want to know more about then. Like side effects, dosage and has any one used them in the past and what kind of results they had.
Thank you for your time.
Glen Barton