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Date: 2004-01-17 18:01:21 UTC
Subject: RE: Help with Meds Please!
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Author wrote:
> I'm looking for more info on the following meds.
> Bicalutamide
> and
> Anastrozole

I have to ask, what dosage of Lupron was given? But to answer your questio=
n, here's some information on these two drugs from an article on my website=
by Dr. Weiss, a noted ferret vet. Note that Bicalutamide=3DCasodex and An=


This is an oral drug available as a 50 mg tablet. This drug inhibits testos=
terone. It appears just as effective as Lupron to reverse straining to urin=
ate, aggression and return-to-male sexual behavior. Most ferrets start to b=
ecome more active and play more within 1-2 weeks. This drug can be effectiv=
e for males and females (it just depends upon which hormone the tumor is pr=
oducing). It should not be handled by pregnant women. Most pharmacies shou=
ld be able to compound it into a liquid.

Protocol: 5 mg/kg once a day until all clinical signs resolve, then pulse t=
herapy (one week on and one week off) for life.

Do not use this drug with Arimidex.


This drug blocks the enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen. It is =
available as a 1 mg tablet. It appears less effective than Lupron or Casode=
x, but can be effective for some ferrets with this disease. It should not b=
e handled by pregnant women.

Do not use this drug with Casodex