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Date: 2004-01-17 18:07:30 UTC
Subject: Information request
Message-ID: <>

Hi everyone, in case you didn't realise i am a new member to this group, so i
will introduce myself a little, i am a teenage ferret owner from the uk. My
reason for this posting is to request a little information from the knowledgable
members. In case you are not aware their has been an extremely heated
request on some of the less factual ferret communities regarding the use of
fiprinol based frontline in the ear canals of ferrets as a treatment of earmites.
As i am y, any ideas?
sure you are aware fiprinol has been proven to have neuro toxic properties,
aslong with other adverse affects, and therefore i have extreme reservations
regarding this use, and would like further scientific evidence to support the
case either way, any ideas?


[Moderator's note: "Proven" is a very strong word and there have been claims
on various products before which haven't panned out. As a result, I'd like to
request that any appropraite research studies noted in the aforementioned
groups be shared (journal name, date, researchers, etc.) to help this discussion
be productive and most accurate.]