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Date: 2004-01-17 23:05:06 UTC
Subject: RE: insulinoma
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After reading the article about feeding a sick ferret, i went out and bought some Gerber's chicken baby food. I tried to let Kodo lick it off my finger, but he gagged after trying it. So I mixed a little bit of his regular food in it and he still wouldn't take it. I then crushed some of his food and mixed it with a little NutriCal. He wouldn't even take this, but he did take a little NutriCal by itself. Since this morning, he has been seperated from my other ferret (Podo) so I could see if he is using the bathroom. He did poop and pee, but only twice the whole day. So I believe that he is eating a little of his food, or he wouldn't be able to poop. He is still drinking a lot of water. I'm not sure what that is about. Is there a place where I could look at some glucose monitors online? And is there any other way to get blood from a ferret other than cutting his claw?

Author wrote:
> You really need to talk to your vet about that. But as I said, eating a good quality protein is really important. Call your vet and express your concerns.
> mike
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> > Until then, should I reduce his NuriCal intake? I don't want to walk into his room and he has gone into shock because I haven't feed him enough glucose. But yet, I'm scared that I am giving him too much?