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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-18 00:44:36 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] insulinoma
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He needs a better diet and less sugar and often medication. Please be sure
your vet knows what this is all about and if she doesn't find a new one.
You can find plenty of info in the archives about insulinoma and diet, etc
and some form many vets. Even if a tumor was rem'd they often reocur due to
the nature of the pancreas and its secretory funtion. You need more info.
Best of LUck to you .

Dr. Sue

>Subject: [ferrethealth] insulinoma
>Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 06:28:00 +0000 (GMT)
>My 3 year old male, Kodo, was diagnosed with insulinoma 2 weeks ago. One
>night, when trying to give him some Ferotone (his treat), I noticed that he
>lost his balance and fell when he tried to walk to me. I picked him up and
>he was totally limp. I knew something was wrong and immediately called the
>vet. This was on a Friday night. The following Monday, the vet did
>surgery. She said that she removed a small tumor. Kodo was acting fine,
>until the next Monday when I took him back for a check-up. I put him into
>his carrier, and on the way to the vet, I noticed he was not pitching a fit
>to get out. She checked his glucose levels again and said that they were
>low. All she told me to do was to give him NutiCal 3 x a day. She did not
>put him on any kind of medication. Now, I've noticed that Kodo is not
>eating his food. He will still take the NutiCal, but he is also drinking a
>lot of water. I also don't think his bowel movements are normal. What
>should I do? Can a ferret have too much sugar and can it cause him to stop
>eating? Should his glucose levels acted this way so soon after his
>surgery? I would really appreciate some feedback. I want to be able to
>help and understand what my ferret is going through. Thank you, Haley
>and Kodo
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