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Date: 2004-01-18 01:57:20 UTC
Subject: RE: insulinoma
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Most ferrets don't care for baby food at first taste, but I haven't found one yet that didn't learn to love it pretty quickly. In fact they love it so much it's often hard to get them back onto their regular food once they're ready for that.

Don't wait for him to lick the baby food off your finger, wipe it into his mouth, through clenched teeth if necessary. Just keep at it and eventually you'll find he'll probably think, "hmmm, this isn't so bad after all" and begin to take it willingly.

You can't guess as to whether or not Kodo is eating. He must. If necessary, count out each kibble of his food and keep track of the numbers so you know for sure. If another ferret eats out of the same bowl, maybe you need to separate them for a bit just to see if he's eating or not.

Go here... for information on how to test Kodo's blood glucose without clipping a nail.


Author wrote:
> After reading the article about feeding a sick ferret, i went out and bought some Gerber's chicken baby food. I tried to let Kodo lick it off my finger, but he gagged after trying it.