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Date: 2004-01-18 02:52:32 UTC
Subject: RE: Jazz''s "cold"
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I just read your info, & I hope your little girl is ok now. My oldest ferret is
around 8 (we think), he was a reject from some teens who neglected him &
gave him drugs, so he's a little "strange." But he just had surgery to remove
what they thought was a tumor (from an xray, ultrasound, & biopsy), possibly
on his spleen, & then they couldn't find any tumors at all. He's still in the
hospital, but he's fighting. You are so right about the vet. Even though mine
doesn't know what caused Sid's problems, she has been with him day & night
trying to help him (she has had ferrets for years so I know she's "ok." Good
luck, Norma

Author wrote:
...> basic food at all) and pushing her to exercise it turns out she is nothing
> but skin and bones without that cyst in there. I feel awful! Before any

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