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Date: 2004-01-18 03:59:40 UTC
Subject: RE: Snot poop
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Dear Wolfy:

Ferrets secrete a lot of mucous in their colon - as the colon absorbs water from the fecal mass, it needs it to keep this drying feces moving along. Occasionally, if there is not a fecal mass there, the mucus tends to build up. It has to come out sometime.

And if you keep looking at every poop your normal ferret does, you will shortly go insane. Some things just aren't meant to be put under a magnifying glass....

Bruce Williams

Author wrote:
> Yah you read right. Anyone ever seen it? Snot poop? That's what my
> husband calls it. Now I have one ferret that's always had some curious gi
> issues, that has occasional odd stools, runs, you name it. But we also have this
> young robust 8 month old male. Who poops like a puppy. Huge formed poops. Very
> healthy male. Very regular. Exccccccept. For once in a while, he goes
> through these odd bouts where he poops what my husband calls snot. Its this big
> bunch of yellow mucous. Weird huh? Now why would an otherwise healthy young
> ferret go through a day or couple days of such bizaare stools and still be so
> healthy? He's done this ever since I could remember.
> Dr Williams? Anyone?
> Wolfy