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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-18 07:42:01 UTC
Subject: RE: possible newly diagnosed insulinoma
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Personally I don't always rush to surgery, but we all have different ways of
dealing. Also remember if you can't afford surgery now and need to save up,
you have an alternative. Just do what is right for you as long as you get
it treated. I do think you are correct in your assessment of the right
adrenal regrowth and if your vet was unable or uncomfortable removing it
then, see if you can find someone more specialized in right adrenal removal
when the tumor has become so invasive. Yes it is risky but it sounds like
it is malignant and if this is true you either let it run its course or try
to fix it. I know the decisions are sometimes tough, but they also need to
be made with whatever level of experience you are dealing with. Do what is
right for the both of you. Best of Luck.

Dr. Sue

>Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: possible newly diagnosed insulinoma
>Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 04:21:59 +0000 (GMT)
>Dear Jamie - if he has shown signs of hypoglycemia, and his BG is 61, he
>will likely need surgery when your vet gets back. If there are no further
>signs, pred is not necessary,. but a little bit won't hurt him for ten days
>or so.
>At surgery time, a good look at that right adrenal would be in order as
>With kindest regards,
>Bruce Williams, DVM
>Author wrote:
> > Buddy is 4, will be 5 this sept, 2004. His blood sugar tested @ 61 on
>Weds. The vet was leaving to go on a ten day trip. Told me what to watch
>for but didn't do anything for him. Did not say for sure that it was
>insulinoma, but why else would the number be that low?
> > A little history: He had adrenal surgery in Oct. Only removed the left
>adrenal, the right was too large and full of cysts, so he left it in and
>just "cooked" it down and said he was pretty sure it would be good. He
>recovered fast and did well, until a couple of weeks back and now his hair
>has started falling out and he's itchy. I think the tumor on the right
>gland has come back with a vengance. I am going to look into the Lupron
>route for now. I don't want to put him through another surgery at this time
>if I don't have to.
> > Back to the sugar level and not being given any meds. I have read up and
>talked with people, including another vet and they have said he should have
>been given PediaPred right then.
> > I bought a glucometer to check his numbers but I can not bring myself to
>stick him. Any advice on the best way to get blood easily and as pain free
>as possible?
> > I am going to get him pediapred asap tomorrow, because I too feel that
>he should be on it. Have adjusted his diet, no sugar snacks like ferret
>crunch etc........too bad, he really enjoys his crunchies from 8 n 1 and
>his yogurt treats.
> > So here is what I want to know for now: Should he be on pediapred and
>whats the best way to draw blood for the meter?
> > Thanks!
> > Jamie and Buddy
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