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From: <>
Date: 2004-01-18 19:15:11 UTC
Subject: Ker Avon update (paralysis) & questions about irritation, nature of injury
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Hi, everyone,

As of Friday Ker Avon was on .25ml pediapred (1mg/ml concentration) and had
received a dexamethasone injection from our vet to see if the steroids might
help him regain some mobility. Our vet held out little hope for even
stabilizing him, let alone improvement, and already asked for permission to
do a necropsy. That request angered me to no end. I wasn't ready to give
up and thaknfully neither was Avon.

By Friday night he was going to the litter pan on his own again and was
actually using his left rear leg to push a little, so we saw definite and
marked improvement. This allowed us to bathe him with real hope he could
remain clean. Since then he's completely lost use of his rear legs again
but remains continent. He'e eating well on his own and seems to be in
pretty good spirits. He only plays briefly (maybe 10 minutes at a stretch)
and sleeps most of the rest of the time. We have a toy truck Keith cut down
and put a soft cloth on and he used that once so far to get around. He'll
also let us hold up his back sometimes, or else he just crawls.

Here are my questions: Avon does not seem to be in pain unless you touch
one specific spot on his lower spine. Touching there will make him cry out.
I've also hear him cry in his sleep exactly once. It seems to me we now
know where the site of the injury (or tumor, or whatever...) is. Does this
open any additional treatment possibilities? Please remember that both
ultrasound and X-rays showed nothing.

Also, his little anus was protruding a bit by the time we took him to
Charlotte a week ago. It's red and a bit swollen looking now. Also his
penis and some skin around it is red and irritated, I assume from a
combination of him getting urine on himself and him dragging himself around
on bedding, carpeting, etc... Is there anything we can use to relieve his
irritation and keep him comfortable?

I've noticed ferrets are really good at letting me know when it's their
time. Avon hasn't done that at all yet and still likes to be held and wants
to be with the other ferrets. In a case like this is there anything I
should look for in getting ready to make that decision if and when the time

What makes this so frustrating is he his alert and his personality is very
much intact. He's even learned that a move towards the litter pan those
times when he is caged will get the door opened to help him, and he makes a
sharp turn for the door :) His mind is as sharp as ever.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

All the best,
Cait and the amazing eight