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Date: 2004-01-18 18:07:31 UTC
Subject: RE: Snot poop
Message-ID: <>

Oh, so the occasional "snot poop" is okay. That you so much for
explaining about the mucous in the colon and it's purpose. Yes, I'm a poop gazer.....
::stepping forward:: I admit it. ::hanging my head:: It's awful. I'm very
addicted. I'm so relieved to get that off my chest. But most of all, I'm so
relieved that's it's okay..... to have that occasional "snot poop". :D.
Yes, once in a blue monkey's moon, my ferrets will have a snot poop. And yes,
I'm a mildly insane poop gazer. But I'm okay, and most importanly my ferrets
are okay! ::clapping::