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Date: 2004-01-18 18:35:46 UTC
Subject: thinning hair in Richmond, VA
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hello everyone.

i have 6 ferrets, the oldest of which is almost 4 and appears to =

have thinning hair. =A0he is in good health, energetic, having no urination=
problems and not going into or coming out of a shed. =A0it just appears t=
hat his =A0hair is thinning all over (not in patches) especially on his bel=
ly and his color looks pinkish at some angles due to the tones of the pink =
skin coming through his thinning hair. he also appears to have some slight=
ly crusty type areas on the skin you can see but i dont know if those were =
always there.

has anyone ever heard of evenly thinning hair in a ferret? can this be age =
related is it something more serious? does this happen and has it happened =
to anyone else? ive not really heard much of this. =

also, i have recently relocated to richmond, va and was wondering if anyone=
was faimiliar with or could recommend any vet in the area who is experienc=
ed with ferrets.

any response would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,