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From: Gail Elsey
Date: 2004-01-18 23:44:52 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] thinning hair in Richmond, VA
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OK, Bonnie had surgery on Tuesday, left adrenal. ROutine and non malignant

Today, I noticed a hard lump on left side up near the spine own lower to mid
abdominal region. And she is peeing pinked tinged pee (bloodin there I
assume). Poops are seedy and loose, but has pooped 3 times in 3 hours,
though small.

Collected pee for sample.

Called vet. Dr. X is off and out of town, Dr. Y in. I like her, but rarely
see her. She suggested we wait until morning because Bonnie is:

moving around, though not real fast (slower than usual and a bit "off" or
And regular vet who did her surgery will be in at 9 AM

I am assuming she either has a cyst on her kidney (what i feel) or a kidney
infection. Not sure.

1. Should I admisster fluids in case this is a kidney infection
2. Should I insist on going in right now, even though she seems stable and
is pooping and peeing

Gail Elsey
Scales and Tails, Inc.
Exotic animal rescue, rehab, and adoption.