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From: "Pam Zak"
Date: 2004-01-19 02:47:06 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Worried about biting.....
To: <>
Message-ID: <>

> -two years ago i rescued an abused three+ year old male ferret named
Frankie, which was short for Frankenstein. His name fit him well. He would
latch onto your skin and not let go.I would have to pick him up like picking
up a rattlesnake, right behind the ears at the neck.While he was dangerous
to people he didn"t bite the other six ferrets.He did however not play with
them but seemed to be a loner. I almost threw in the towel many times during
our first year together and it did require a lot of patience and quite a few
painful encounters just picking him up and talking gently to him and
acutally telling him that he was a pretty ferret and that I loved him very
much softly in his ear. Today, while he is still a little of a loner, he
follows me from room to room whenever I'm around and will just lay by my
feet. I can pick him up without fear of getting his monster bite.So I hope
you will not give up on this little "frankie"-Good Luck and GB. PJ and her
haughty nine