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Date: 2004-01-19 14:56:16 UTC
Subject: Home remedies for ear ache?
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Someone had posted about getting sick ferrets to eat Gerbers chicken baby f=
ood (the plain stage 2 always). The best time to get them used to it, is wh=
en they are well. Which makes it much easier to get them to eat when sick. =
All of mine will eat it now.
I had one ferret who was a bit resistant, but will now eat it.
This is what worked for me. I would scruff my fert, mix it with ferretvite =
and wipe some on the roof of mouth for the first time, usually they would s=
pit and gag (though some took to it right away) Always encouraging and prai=
sing them. I would never push too much at once and give them time to get us=
ed to it. Once a week everyone gets a plate of it with some ferretvite in i=
t and they think it's a treat. Now when the one ferret who is not used to i=
t sees the others gulping it down, they become more intrested in it. Then I=
use the scruff method (if they haven't started on their own yet) and put s=
ome on roof of mouth. Then I hold the ferret in my arms and offer some on m=
y finger while encouraging and praising ferret. They usually will start lic=
king. I only do a little at a time each time and work up to feeding off a s=
poon. Then transfering the spoon closer to plate and then laying spoon on p=
late and letting them lick and then removing spoon and letting them lick of=
f plate by them selves. All the time encouraging and praising.
Now the one was very difficult to get going. I had to do all steps numerous=
times. Her favorite way was to be held and fed. She loved the attention, b=
ut now she will lick off the plate with the others, but still sometimes nee=
ds encouragement since she has just learned.
Good luck and keep trying, they will learn to love it!


From: Amy Robbin <>
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Hi folks. I am curious as to if anyone out there has any home or
homeopathic remedies for an earache in a ferret. Also for yeast
infections of the ear. I've heard of some funky ones for horses such as
Vagisil for scratches which is basically a yeast infection of the skin on
the legs. I found that out after paying an arm and a leg on antibiotics
and vet visits.

I recently had a ferret with an earache but couldn't get to the vet until
the next morning which in addition to the medication I got hit with a
larger than normal office visit fee as they had to squeeze me in as an
emergency. I felt so bad for my guy though the night, I could just tell
he was miserable.