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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2004-01-19 18:40:07 UTC
Subject: Information request
Message-ID: <>

I would also interject my 2 cents. It keeps being mentioned how the
is being put "directly" into the ears. I think the ears are lined with
along the ear canals. The ears are L shaped in ferrets, putting the
drops in
will mainly be treating a dermal area of the body within the ear. I will
assume the ear is full of debris and stuff from a bad mite infection, the
drops won't go far but locally where the mites are.
The ear drum is all the way at the end and IF a drop makes it back there
it is not going anywhere. I am sure this method of treating ear mites is
reserved for stubborn cases and as advised by the vet who examined the
ferret first. Plus I think we are talking about a drop or two here, not
pouring the stuff into the ferret's ear.

Can't tell you how the stuff works only on insects, perhaps if you used
in very high concentrations it would cause neurologic problems in an
like 10ml of it on a ferret instead of 0.1ml. As with all medications
you have to use caution and make sure you know the dosing, how often
it can be used, etc.


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