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From: "Zevron"
Date: 2004-01-20 03:14:46 UTC
Subject: Update - Bebe - adrenal ferret
To: <>
Message-ID: <>


In December, my vet opened Bebe, 3 1/2yr old black eyed white ferret
because of the signs of adrenal tumor (hair off of behind and tail). He had
found that the glands looked a little smaller than normal but nothing
abnormal. After I asked for the Tennessee Adrenal blood test and got the
results back - adrenal tumor, he went in this morning and removed the left
one. Found a polyp or something ?attached or whatever.

Went to pick her up around 6 o'clock. He said that she was eating and
drinking, doing fine up to about 5 o'clock then went lethartic (sp?). She
doesn't look good. Barely opens her eyes. So he did quick consult and no one
knows. So they gave her more pain meds and did a few other things. I have
her at home for the night. I will be giving her sugar water and trying to
get her to eat baby food tonight, keep her warm and take her temp (presently

I will take her back to the vet in the morning with her brother. They
checked everything (glucose, internal bleeding) and found everything normal.
In the morning, they will check again and possibly give her a blood
transfusion from her brother.

The vet did say that (with consult vet) she may be suffering from low
blood pressure.