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Date: 2004-01-20 16:03:32 UTC
Subject: Fiefal-- tick bite??
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Hi Guys,

Have a question about my baby "Fiefal"- he's got a mark on his nose looks
purple in color almost like a very small blood clot noticed it about 2-3 wks ago.
At first i thought it was a cat scratch but then couldn't be sure so took him
to the vet. The first vet who was a fill in for my standing vet said it was a
scratch or a growth--i asked her if it could be a tick bite and she said
"no"- but to keep and i on it in case it was a growth. I was not at ease with her
advice so took him back to my standing vet and he said it was a tick
bite---not to worry that it was the head of the tick enlodged and that it would
disappear on its own but it would take awhile..he said he had seen alot of ferrets
with tick infestations and never heard of a ferret contracting lyme disease. I
am still concerned does anybody have any similar experiences or can one of the
vets comment as well.


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