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From: <>
Date: 2004-01-21 21:41:15 UTC
Subject: Ker Avon is gone
To: <>
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Hi, everyone,

I would like to start by thanking the vets who contacted me (two on list,
one off) with possible treatments and/or diagnoses for Ker Avon. Yesterday
afternoon I was going to go over all the options with out vet. Sadly, Avon
didn't give us an opportunity to do that.

Yesterday morning Avon seemed much improved. When Keith gave him his meds
(which he hates) he kicked with both rear legs. His mobility was greatly
improved and we thought that between the input we received and how he was
doing that we had hope.

When Keith got home last night Avon was in miserable shape: no mobility in
the rear, incontinent, shaking/shivering, and barely able to lift his head
or open his eyes. His breathing was ragged. Keith started rushing towards
the Emergency Clinic with him and called me at work. I reached our vet and
diverted Keith and Avon to his office. We met there and a miserable Avon
wanted me to hold him and clung tightly to me.

What our vet found was that his lungs were filling with fluid. Regarding
all the treatment options and hope his comment was that none of the other
vets save the one in Charlotte (who was most unhopeful) hadn't seen Avon.
While he felt that between meds and oxygen therapy he could clear Avon's
lungs and get him over the immediate crisis he also felt that we'd just be
postponing the inevitable by a short time. He equated Avon's chances at
ever recovering with the chance of the Earth being hit by an asteroid
Based on his experience and care we decided it was in Avon's best interest
to just let him go.

Our vet will look into what caused this. If he can't determine it I have
given permission for a necropsy. Our vet believes the most likely cause is
still lymphoma even though no enlarged nodes were visible on the ultrasound.
I'll post examination and/or necropsy results when I get them.

Caity and the sorrowful seven